Who we are

  • The NGO "ATLANT Support Center" is a group of volunteers working for the victory, reconstruction of Ukraine and continuous development of personality.

  • The main goal of our activity is to assist in providing psychological, charitable and other assistance to the military, veterans, victims of armed aggression, and other vulnerable groups.

What we do

  • According to US protocols, we train specialists to work with losses, injuries, phobias and PTSD treatment.

  • According to US protocols, we conduct psychological rehabilitation of military personnel, veterans and help those who survived the horrors of war.

  • We work with military units on psychological preparation for combat operations and conduct testing of soldiers.

  • We provide the military with ammunition, clothing, medicine, food and more.

  • We help provide charitable assistance to those who need it most.  

🇺🇦 Let's return the borders and bring people back to full life! Ukraine above all! 🇺🇦

Our goals

Victory of Ukraine and support of servicemen, their families and victims of the war

Development of the country and raising the level of universal values and moral qualities of society

Promoting physical, psychological and social health and continuous 

personality development

Forming harmonious family relations and improving the well-being of the population

  • In 5 years after the end of war, a lot of people who were in battles unfortunately will die because of their psychological state (suicides, fighting, drugs and alcohol addiction). And the number of them will be bigger than the number of people been killed during the war itself.

  • The majority of families will break up. Children will get the worst psychological traumas from their own parents.

  • This is statistics of each war. And the war in Ukraine is not an exception.

  • We work to prevent this! My goal is to train 2000 professional consultants and create Support Centers in all big cities all over Ukraine.

  • We have a program to work on, we have skillful people very fast learner who want  to do all they can to help our country.

  • Support us! And we will show you the Ukrainian miracle. Big thanks to all who are helping Ukraine!

  • We gonna win! Thank you! And Glory to Ukraine!

Our needs

  • Premises for Support Center:

- educational audience

- offices for individual work

- gym

- sleeping places (for 20 people)

- dining room


  • Funding:

- salary for full-time psychologists

- food

- minibus

- petrol, etc.


Details for financial assistance:

Recipient's name: GO TS ATLANT

Recipient code: 44757059

Bank name: JSC CB "PrivatBank"

Account in IBAN format: UA023052990000026009046712152

Currency: UAH​

Please, contact us

Information sent. Thank you!