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Who we are

🔸 A network of mobile psychological support groups throughout Ukraine.

🔸 Support hotline for military personnel and their families:

🔸Assistance to military personnel and their families, internally displaced persons and war victims.

🔸 Trainings and therapeutic groups on a wide range of issues that arose during the war.

🔸 Training of specialists and coordinates their work.

🔸Hmanitarian aid to military personnel, veterans, and persons affected by armed aggression.

Our results from May 2022

Atlas of studies in Kyiv

🔹The center has trained more than 1000 counselors in dealing with loss, phobias, treatment and prevention of PTSD.

🔹Mobile psychological support groups have been formed and are working in more than 30 cities.

🔹Periodically, volunteers go to the front line to provide psychological assistance to military personnel.

🔹More than 100 trips to military units, hospitals and places of settlement of internally displaced persons.

🔹Thousands of successful consultations that helped people survive the horrors of war and saved them from psychological consequences.

The programs we run

🔹 Training in psychological support of the military for psychologists and volunteers - 4 days

🔹Veteran rehabilitation training: CBT according to US standards, EMDR, NLPt, DST 

- 8 days (after completing the previous course)

🔹"Stress management in critical situations" - training for law enforcement agencies and representatives of local state administration - 2 days

🔹 Training in body-oriented therapy for the rehabilitation of veterans - 2 days

🔹 Psychological preparation of units before entering the combat zone - 3 hours

Atlant - training in Zaprizhzhia

🔸 Complete 10-step rehabilitation program for veterans - 30 hours 🔸 Rehabilitation of those released from captivity - 30 hours

🔸 Rehabilitation of active military personnel - 2 weeks

🔸Therapeutic group for military personnel between rotations

- 3 hours
🔸 Training for coordination of the unit - 3 hours
🔸 Therapeutic groups for the families of the victims - 2 hours

🔸 Therapeutic groups for families of missing persons - 2 hours
🔸 How to communicate with the military for families - 2 hours
🔸 Stress control during the event and after - 2 hours
🔸Peculiarities of working with veterans for employers (in English) - 2 hours

Atlant - an audience in Kyiv

Our partners

We cooperate with:

🔹 European Union Advisory Mission Ukraine

🔹 Ukrainian Red Cross

🔹 Kyiv City State Administration
🔹 Center for professional training of units of TrO and municipal KMDA

🔹 108th separate mechanized battalion "Da Vinci Wolves"

🔹101, 111, 112 individual brigades of TrO

🔹 Snigurivka city military administration
🔹 Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No. 8

🔹 Cherkasy Regional Psychiatric Hospital

🔹 Chernivtsi Regional Psychiatric Hospital
🔹 Chernivtsi Regional Clinical Hospital
🔹 Chernivtsi Regional War Veterans Hospital
🔹 Hertsaiv Central District Hospital

🔹 Cherkasy Regional Clinical Hospital of War Veterans of the Cherkasy Regional Council

🔹 "Gorky Clinical Sanatorium" PJSC Ukrprofozdovornytsia"
🔹 Survivors Relief Centre



🔹 X-Park

🔹 Develor Ukraine

🔹 White Ribbon Ukraine

🔹 Kempo-Kenpo Federation of Ukraine

🔹 Health resort "Berezka" of the Bushtyn settlement council

🔹 University named after Grigory Skovorody in Pereyaslav

🔹 EdEra Online Education Studio

🔹 BEAUTYZONE beauty volunteers

🔹 NGO "Transformation"

🔹 NGO "Volunteers of Transcarpathia"

🔹 Charity organization "Unity"

Vitaly Klitschko presents the award to Andrii Omelchenko
Atlant coaches and organizer from EUAM Ukraine

A memorandum was signed with:

🔸Command of the 95th separate airborne assault brigade

🔸 118, 122 separate territorial defense brigades

🔸 1st separate assault battalion named of the Hero of Ukraine Dmytro Kotsyubailo "Da Vinci"

🔸 Military unit A7375

🔸 Zaporizhzhia regional territorial center of recruitment and social support

🔸 Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

🔸 Kyiv City Children's Diagnostic Center

🔸 Odesa Regional Psychiatric Hospital No. 2

🔸 Kryvyi Rih Local Hospital No. 3

🔸 Katerynopil settlement council

🔸 Center for professional development of pedagogical workers

🔸 Kyiv vocational college with enhanced military and physical training

🔸 NGO "Adult Education Center of Poltava Oblast"
🔸 Poltava University of Economics and Trade

🔸 Charitable Foundation "MHP - Communities"

🔸 Psychological assistance platform Yednai

🔸 Kickboxing Federation of Ukraine WAKO

🔸 Kyiv City Center for Assistance to Participants of the Anti-Terrorist Operation

🔸 Communal institution "Veteran space" of the Rivne Regional Council


🔸 BO "BF Universe for the Future"

🔸 Charitable Fund "New Renaissance of Ukraine"

🔸 Charitable Fund "East SOS"

🔸 NGO "Families of the Heavenly Hundred"

🔸 NGO "Women's Union of Rivne Region"

Founder of Atlant

Andrii Omelchenko

🔸Certified trainer of treatment and prevention PTSD, according to US standards (CBT, EMDR), as well as business trainer, NLP trainer from

"META International Inc" PhD Frank R. Pucelik (USA);

🔸 Certified international business trainer qualifications EUI,

PhD Meralin Atkinson (Canada);

🔸 Has 3 higher educations: engineer, psychologist, economist, MBA

🔸 At the graduate school of NPUU named after M.P. Dragomanov, he is working on a candidate's thesis on the topic of treatment and prevention of PTSD in the military.

🔸 Since 2014, he has been helping victims on the Maidan, for which he received the "Revolution of Dignity" award from the mayor of Kyiv, Vitaliy Klitschko;

🔸 He worked with ATO veterans and their families, for which he was awarded the Medal of Honor. Glory. State";

🔸 At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, he participated in the defense of Kyiv, for which he received the badge "For the assistance of the defense of Kyiv"

🔸 Provided psychological assistance, еreated the consequences of PTSD, panic attacks, addiction to painkillers after complex operations;

🔸 Conducted training for rehabilitation specialists and volunteers military and PTSD prevention;

🔸 Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, he has started training and supporting mobile psychological support groups for the military and those affected by the consequences of the war throughout the territory.

of Ukraine.

Our goals

Network of inpatient rehabilitation centers and military hubs in all major cities throughout Ukraine

Organization of the system of education, certification and supervision for

military psychologists according to NATO standards

Organization of personnel training for rehabilitation centers and Armed Forces

Informing the population about psychological changes in the military to establish communication in families

  • 5 years after the end of the war, many people who were in the battles will unfortunately die due to their psychological state (suicides, fights, drugs and alcoholism). And their number will be greater than the number of dead during the war itself.

  • Most families will split up. Children will receive the worst psychological injuries from their own parents.

  • These are the statistics of each war. And the war in Ukraine is no exception.

  • We are working to prevent this from happening.Our goal is to train 2,000 professional consultants   and create support centers in all major cities throughout Ukraine.

  • And we already have an effective program and talented people who   learn very quickly and want   to do everything possible to help our country.

  • Support us! And we will show you a Ukrainian miracle!

  • Thank you very much to everyone who helps Ukraine! We will win! Glory to Ukraine!

Якорь 1

​Our needs:

  • Premises for the Support Center:

- educational audience

- offices for individual work

- Gym

- sleeping places

- dining room

  • Financing:

- salary for full-time psychologists

- food

- a minibus

- gasoline, etc.​

Details for financial support:

Company Name : SC ATLANT NGO

IBAN Code : UA343052990000026009046706920

Name of the bank : JSC CB "PRIVATBANK", 1D HRUSHEVSKOHO STR., KYIV, 01001,



Company address : UA 01001 Kyiv, Jury Kondratiuk St, 4g, flat 45

Correspondent banks

Account in the correspondent bank : 400886700401

SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank : COBADEFF

Correspondent bank : Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Account in the correspondent bank : 6231605145

SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank : CHASDEFX


🇺🇦 Let's return the borders and return people to a full life! 🇺🇦

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